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BGMI me Pro Player kese bane | How to Become Pro in BGMI

BGMI me Pro Player kese bane : Heard absolutely right friends, today’s article is only for those players who   want to know BGMI me Pro Player kese bane  , if you also play BGMI but can not play it well, then today you know If you will find  how to make Pro Player in bgmi(battleground Mobile India)  then you must read it carefully.

Friends, ever since BGMI has come, this game is getting a lot of love from all the players in India, we are getting rewards very well in it.

BGMI and Pro Player are four

So friends, let’s talk about those tips, with the help of which you will be able to know  Bgmi me Pro Player kese bane

Stable internet speed

While playing Battleground mobile India (BGMI), we have to keep in mind that the internet connection we have should give us the right speed so that we can be stable while playing the game, if our internet is slow then we see lag problem. And if we want to play BGMI like a pro player, then we have to pay attention to them.

best gaming phone for bgmi

All players know that if our mobile phone is good, Ram will be good in it, then we will get to play BGMI well in it, so we have to select a good gaming phone b so that we can also play BGMI on mobile like a pro player without without any interruptions and the BGMI could run very smoothly.

We have to select a mobile phone with at least 3GB Ram to play BGMI well.


Best senstivity of BGMI

Battleground mobile India (BGMI) Sensitivity setting also proves to be very helpful in playing like a pro player, if we have done our Sensitivity setting very well then we will be very easy to play that game and we will be able to play bgmi quite smoothly and Will be able to survive till the end.

best gaming headphones for bgmi

While playing BGMI, we also have to make sure that we have to use a good type of earphone, from this we will have the advantage that when the enemy comes to us, we will give his sound clearly, if we do not use good earphones in it, then we will have to play BGMI. I have problems and we are not able to play properly.

Crosshair Placement

Whenever we shoot Enemy, we have to take special care of this thing that we have to shoot on his head more than shooting on his body, it damages the Enemy more quickly and we get killed.

Must Gyroscope for Recoil

We also have to keep this thing in mind while controlling BGMI that we also have to keep our Gyroscope on, it will benefit us when we apply Aim to shoot Enemy, then our movement becomes a little better and easily. Aim takes it.

Aim Assist Settings

When we   play BGMI , we have to create an Aim and also share it in our team and we have to keep good teammate in our team so that we can reach our destination.

TDM & Traning Mode Practice

We have to play TDM mode for at least 30 or 40 minutes in a day, due to which our control over BGMI will be very good, through that practice we will also become Pro Player.

As I have told you the methods with the help of which you will be able to know that  Bgmi me Pro Player kese bane  then you must try them, I hope you will definitely become a good Pro player by my given methods.Thank you

what is pro player in bgmi

Bgmi pro player means that he can understand and play bgmi well

how to make pro player in bgmi

To become a pro player, there are many such things which have to be taken care of like net speed, gyroscope, best gaming phone, headphones etc.

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